Give to the Church Online


Would you like to give using your smart phone?

Simply text your chosen amount to the number above to get started, then follow the onscreen instructions.

1. To Register
a. Click on Online Giving
b. Under “Don’t have a login?” click “register” and fill in all blanks

2. One Time Gift
a. Log in
b. Select payment type
c. Select purpose
d. Enter amount
e. Review, confirm, and click next
f. Will then go to another site where you will input the credit card or checking information
g. Click next, submit, then be sure to print your confirmation

3. Recurring Gift
a. Log In
b. On line giving tab
c. Enter e-mail if it is not already there
d. Start
e. Payment type
f. Next
g. Frequency, beginning date, number of payments or until further notice
h. Choose amount and purpose, next, review, confirm, next, select checking or credit card, next, then submit
i. Click return button, then be sure to print confirmation page