Etheridge’s Epistle-September

The Christian Holy Habits
Early in my ministry I was given A Pocket Prayer Book that was first printed in 1941, by the General Board of Evangelism compiled by Bishop Ralph Cushman. It is now in its thirty-eighth printing. Inside on page 108, you will find a piece that Bishop Cushman wrote entitled The Christian’s Holy Habits.

I believe in habits:  I believe habits make or break us:  I believe habits send us to heaven or hell.  Therefore I believe in HOLY Habits.
Indeed, so sure am I that a happy Christian life depends upon some four or five habits, that if some person should come to me and say, “Prescribe what U must do to have glad fellowship with Jesus Christ, here and hereafter,” I would say:
First.  Form the habit of keeping holy some portion of each day for Bible reading and for prayer.  Make this your first business.
Second.  Form the habit of giving, every week, a definite proportion of your time in special service to your fellow men, in the name of Christ and of His church.
Third.  Make attendance at public worship a fixed habit of your life.  Allow yourself no excuse for non-attendance that you would not give to your associates in business.
Fourth.  Form the habit of accepting every opportunity to receive the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.  Christ will meet you in the communion.  Jesus says, “I am the bread of life.”
Fifth.  Form the holy habit of setting apart a definite proportion of your money for the work of the Kingdom.  Make it the first draft upon your income; set it aside with prayer; use it carefully as unto God.  Have faith to begin with at least a tenth. This habit will be for you a trusty thermometer, marking the temper of your life.

These, my friends, are the holy habits I recommend.  Others will follow on.  Behind them all, of course, must be the hunger after God:  but with these habits formed you have the certain helps that God has sent to bless your days; and more than this, to make of you a faithful steward of the Church of Christ.

Who we are is determined by the choices we make in life and the Holy Habits we develop in our lives. I pray we will choose to develop Holy Habits in our daily lives.
See you Sunday in Worship.

In Christ,
Bro. Bill