Etheridge’s Epistle – World Communion Sunday

World Communion Sunday
October 2, 2016
On this Sunday, while Americans were sleeping, Christians in Zaire left their homes for places of worship to see their pastors take bread in their hands and declare, “This is my body.” In Saint Sophia’s Cathedral in Istanbul were heard the words, “This is my body.” In Saint Paul’s in London a hush fell across the congregation as the pastor declared, “This is my body.” In churches and cathedrals across the United States, today pastors take bread into their hands and declare, “This is my body.” In thatched-roof mission stations across the islands of the Pacific, this afternoon will be uttered, “This is my body.”

This is World Wide Communion Sunday. Throughout the world churches of all denominations, in all nations, in many languages, are celebrating the Lord’s Supper. And, it couldn’t have come at a better time. We need this time together to remember that our Lord also suffered. And, we need this time also to remember that he did so on our behalf. Not just for you and me, but for neighbors next door, neighbors across the street, and neighbors around the world. “God so loved the world” begins that most memorable verse in the Gospel of John. It is as true in this difficult age as it was then in that time of unrest. The Lord’s Supper teaches us about the necessity of unity. The Apostle Paul tried to get this point across to the Corinthians. They were a divided church and were following many different teachers and teachings. Paul let them know, in no uncertain terms, that their divisions were not acceptable. He explained that to participate in the meal and leave others out or allow division amongst themselves was virtually the same as drinking and eating judgment upon themselves. Communion is serious business.

Let us join Christians across the World to Celebrate God’s grace!
See You In Church Sunday!
In Christ,