Etheridge’s Epistle – October

The October Edition of Neighborhood Watch is available for pickup at the church. The online edition will be uploaded to the Neighborhood Watch page on September 28th.

Three Items:
As members of this congregation, Will you faithfully participate in its ministries by your Prayers, your Presence, your Gifts, your Service, and your Witness?

Sermon Series I WILL:
September 10, I Will Pray ~ Luke 11:1-13
September 17, I Will be Present ~ Acts 2
September 24, I Will Give ~ 2 Corinthians 8:9-15
I would like to invite you to a special worship celebration, “Your Piece Matters” on September 24th, in all of our worship services. That Sunday we will turn in our pledge cards to the capital debt reduction campaign as an act of worship and commitment to Christ and his church.

October 1, *World Wide Communion Sunday, The Life of the Table ~ Luke 24:28-35
October 8, I Will Service ~ Romans 12:1-8
October 15, I Will Witness ~ Romans 12:9-21

*World Wide Communion ~ Sunday, October 1. Throughout the world churches of all denominations, in all nations, in many languages, are celebrating the Lord’s Supper. It couldn’t have come at a better time. We need this time together to remember that our Lord also suffered, and we need this time to remember that he did so on our behalf. Not just for you and me, but for the neighbors next door, the neighbors across the street, and the neighbors around the world. “God so loved the world…” begins that most memorable verse in the Gospel of John. It is as true in this difficult age as it was then in that time of unrest.

The Lord’s Supper teaches us about the necessity of unity. The Apostle Paul tried to get this point across to the Corinthians. They were a divided church and were following many different teachers and teachings. Paul let them know, in no uncertain terms, that their divisions were not acceptable. He explained that to participate in the meal and leave others out, or allow division amongst themselves, was virtually the same as drinking and eating judgment upon themselves. Communion is serious business.

Let us join Christians across the world to celebrate God’s grace!


THE A.D. EXPERIENCE ~~ Begins September 27
A study on the book of Acts, using the TV Mini-series “A.D.” and the Bible’s book of Acts
(The first four class dates are listed below.)

Lesson 1: Hope for a New Beginning – September 27
Lesson 2: Wait for It – October 11
Lesson 3: Pentecost Power – October 18
Lesson 4: What Matters Most – October 25
Lesson 5: A Bigger Picture
Lesson 6: Scattered Seeds
Lesson 7: A Wider Circle
Lesson 8: Respond to God
Lesson 9: Let It Go
Lesson 10: Life Moments
Lesson 11: Credit the Source
Lesson 12: Unstoppable

See you in Church Sunday!
In Christ,