Etheridge’s Epistle – August

I Believe in a Live Church

Live churches’ expenses are always more than their income;
Dead churches don’t need much money!

Live churches have parking problems;
Dead churches have empty spaces!

Live churches may have some noisy children;
Dead churches are quiet as a cemetery.

Live churches keep changing their ways of doing things;
Dead churches see no need for change!

Live churches grow so fast you can’t keep up with people’s names;
In dead churches everybody always knows everybody’s name.

Live churches strongly support world missions;
Dead churches keep the money at home!

Live churches are full of regular, cheerful givers;
Dead churches are full of grudging tippers!

Live churches move ahead on prayer and faith;
Dead churches work only on sight!

Live churches plant daughter churches;
Dead churches fear spending the money, time, and talent!

Live churches outgrow their Sunday School facilities;
Dead churches have room to spare!

Live churches welcome all classes of people;
Dead churches stick to their own kind!

Live churches’ members enthusiastically support the ministries;
Dead churches have no ministries–only functions!

Live churches’ members look for someone they can help;
Dead churches’ members look for something to complain about!

Live churches’ members reach out to share their faith in Christ;
Dead churches’ members don’t have enough to share!

I thank God that I am a part of a LIVE Church! I pray for you and our Church
every day. Please pray for me!!!

See you in Church Sunday!

In Christ, Bro. Bill