Your Week in Ministry – February 12th

Now serving weekly Communion: The Meal that Makes Us one

Paraphrasing thoughts from Mary Jane Pierce-Norton, General Board of Discipleship of the United States Methodist Church:

–As one of two sacraments of the United Methodist Church, Holy Communion has become a practice repeated time and time again to receive nourishment for the journey of being a Christian.
–God took very ordinary elements – the bread, the juice, the water – and filled them with deep, deep meaning, and it is very much a communal act. We receive strength from each other, we gather together, we’re joined together.
–All are welcome – a core concept for us as United Methodists.
–There is no rule that says you can take it too frequently. In fact, John Wesley, in the formative years of Methodism, took it as many as four or five times a week, and he said to the people called Methodists at that time, take communion as often as you can. It is the food for the journey.

So, starting Sunday, February 19th, we will be able to share this sacrament of communion, each Sunday following the close of the 8:30 service. Sacraments will be prepared, blessed by clergy, and will be served by our Stephen ministers at the front of the church. Feel free to kneel as able, pray and request prayer from those serving. Share as often as you like and observe this Hold sacrament of communion as you are led. (This will not replace our first Sunday of each month during services and will not be offered on those Sundays.)

Leisure Group– On Tuesday, February 28th, the Group is visiting Anniston’s Museum of Natural History and will leave the back lot at 9AM. Lunch is around 12:30 at Classic on Noble restaurant. Please check your calendar and make sure you have this date open for a great trip and wonderful fellowship. If you would like to attend and haven’t signed the roster, please contact Marie at 655-6911 or 835-9189.

Please join us for the University of Montevallo Concert Choir in concert, featuring choirs from Hewitt-Trussville High School and Clay-Chalkville High School. Thursday, February 21st at 7PM in the Sanctuary. Reception in the CLC following the concert – please bring non-perishable forkless finger foods. Concert is free to the public. Come, and bring a friend!